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Bitrez manufactures and markets specialist polymers and chemicals. Our strong product portfolio of resinous chemicals services a variety of global industries and market sectors. We offer an extensive range of established products in addition to the design and development of innovative solutions to satisfy specific customer requirements.

Our primary supply objectives are to assist with conformance to demanding performance parameters, offer commercial advantage and differentiation from competitors whilst remaining conscious of the necessity to remain compliant with prevailing legislative demands. We believe that our focused customer orientated approach and business ethic has enabled us to sustain our growth rate although we remain flexible, innovative and offer assurances of a highly consistent yet rapid response.

This web-site has been designed for reference purposes and provides general details of company policy, generic product types and summary data. We hope that the information contained herein will prove of interest but we recognise the individuality of each customer and we always welcome discussion in order to ensure provision of the correct solution for your particular requirements. We look forward to serving you


Bitrez sells 5,000th ton of low free formaldehyde CURAPHEN phenolic polymers and launches additional formaldehyde free grades to the range

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